Photo Prints – At Home Or Online?

You have two different options when it comes to producing digital color photo’s: (a) your own inkjet or digital color printer or (b) an online photo prints service. There are advantages to both choices of photo printing. The key is to choose the factor most important to you – quality, convenience, and cost. At Home Photo Printing For… Read More »

Scrapbooking Black and White Photos

Add a little drama, extra texture, dimension and character to your Scrapbooks. It is natural to reach for the color film when taking pictures instead of the black and white. But, even though color photos give you the beautiful realism, there is always a place for black and white photos too. They have a brilliance of their own,… Read More »

Just Me

From the time I was little, I knew I was great ’cause the people would tell me, “You’ll make it–just wait.” But they never did tell me how great I would be if I ever played someone who was greater than me. When I’m in the back yard, I’m king with the ball. To swish all those baskets… Read More »

Mastering The Art Of Sports Photography With Your Digital Camera

For sports enthusiasts, there’s nothing more exciting than sports people playing their favourite game. The sight of the field, rink or golf course initiates the thrill and anticipation. This, combined with digital photography, can provide some amazing photographic opportunities. However it’s not a matter of point the camera at the person diving for the ball or puck and… Read More »

Chipboard and Scrapbooking

What exactly is chipboard? Chipboard is a cardboard-like material. It is thinner than most cardboard and thicker than cardstock. Not all chipboard is acid-free and thus safe for scrapbooks. Check the packaging and/or test with a ph testing pen. Chipboard sold for the purpose of scrapbooking embellishments are more than likely acid-free. Where can I find chipboard? Chipboard… Read More »

A Baseball Poem

He pitched the ball I made a hit, I ran to first And didn’t quit. I ran to second, Third and then, I ran for home And slid on in. The ump yelled, “Safe!” He made his call, I’ll always love To play baseball.

5 Creative Ways to Scrapbook Sports

Are you a (insert sport of choice here) mom? If so, chances are you have tons of pictures of your child(ren) just waiting to be scrapped. Or perhaps you have been faithfully attending games/events for so long that you know longer take your camera. Either way, here are a few ideas to get you scrapping those sports memories.… Read More »

The Great Outdoors

My son went camping at Red River Gorge in the fall of 2010. He came home with so many beautiful photos of the area and some great shots of his fellow scouts, too. The trip was a great bonding experience for him as a new Scout to the Troop. However, I never scrapped the photos. I was a… Read More »