School Play’s are so much Fun

It’s the season for school plays. This is a fun and excited chapter in each actor or actresses life. All the training and hard work that goes into making the show a success is worth it for each person that is apart of it.

Creating a scrapbook for a school play is a great way to keep the memory a live and it will always remind you of the reasons why you chose to be in the play.

There are many things you can include in your scrapbook. When the try-outs and rehearsals begin is when you start gathering things that you will include.

Creating a scrapbook for a school play can be for a child of any age. The one that you will be able to gather the most information for is high school levels. They have try-outs for each part and then they have weeks of rehearsals before they have three days of the play.

Go to the try-outs and take pictures while your child is on the stage reading or singing for the part. Take pictures of any time your child may be on the stage with others as well.

Once the list of parts is displayed, try to get a copy of that so you will be able to include that in your scrapbook. If they give your child a schedule for rehearsals, get a copy of that as well.

Go to a few of the rehearsals and snap some shots while your child is on stage during their part. Also get some shots of other parts of the play. If there is a band or orchestra that plays, get some shots of them as well.

Sometimes a newspaper will catch the show. If this happens, makes sure you cut everything they say out so you will have that as well. You might have an ad, a write up about it, or a picture from the original play.

The night of the show you will be able to take pictures of your child and the rest of the people in the play while they are in their costumes. Also take pictures of the crowd before and after the play. Also get a program that you can include in your scrapbook.

School plays are so much fun to participate in and the final show is the ultimate. When you have a scrapbook your child will always remember what all the hard work was for and all the fun times they had during the times.

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