Sunday Football

When you live in a house full of football lovers, Sunday afternoon is full of football. The TV is on all day with football games going on. You may even find your football lover on the computer checking scores or listening to the radio if they must be away from the TV.

This will be a great time to create a scrapbook. You can include pictures and journal about the fun things that go on during the games. Here are some suggestions that you can use in our scrapbook.

  • Take pictures of the people at the party. Include pictures of them watching the game, eating the food, and having a good time.
  • Write down the scores for each of the games they watched and make a special sheet for them.
  • Find stickers with footballs, football words, goal posts, and football gear to include on your pages.
  • Find paper that goes with football. You can use pages with footballs all over it, grass, or brown paper. You could also use the colors of the teams that played in each game.

Be creative when it comes to the paper and pictures. Use paper shaper scissors to make designs around the pictures and use an edge puncher to create a special edge along the outside edges of the paper. One last thing you can do is use football brads to add more to your pages.

The football lover in your life will love a scrapbook that contains pictures and team information for a day of football. This type of album can be for one day or for an entire season. There are so many different things you can do to make this type of scrapbook unique and fun to look through for years to come.


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Happy Scrappin’

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