A Life of Basketball

Do you have a child that loves basketball almost more than anything in life? It can happen and it could be a love of the game, a favorite team, or a favorite player. It could also be for the love of playing the game.

Sometimes kids love the game so much that they start out at a very young age and they play all the time. They can start out playing at home or at a playground and when they become old enough they can play for the Recreation Center or some other organization. This could be as young as five or six years old. Once they become an age where they can play for the school they attend, this can be fun as well.

If you have a child that loves the sport of basketball, creating a scrapbook that shows their life in basketball is something they will absolutely love for years to come. You’ll love to look through it as well.

Whether your child is just starting out with a sport, has been playing for a while, or has finished due to completing college, you can start a scrapbook for them. It doesn’t matter what stage they are in, now is the time to get started.

If you child is just starting out, make sure you take pictures during a few of the games, keep track of the scores for each game, and if it’s possible, make note of the number of points your child scores during each game.

If your child has been playing for a while now, make a folder on your computer or place pictures and other documentation in an envelope so you will have it all in one place. If you haven’t done the above for the past games, it’s ok. You can start now and still have a good start to the information.

If your child is finished, that’s ok. Take the information you have, search for anything you might be missing, ask around from for information, and start working on your scrapbook.

Creating this scrapbook will bring back lots of memories. You’ll enjoy making this scrapbook because of these memories. You’ll also enjoy giving this to your child and looking through it with them.

Happy Scrappin’

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