Go Big Red Layout


  • 2 sheets black cardstock
  • 1-2 sheets red cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • memorabilia (ticket stub)


  1. Mat photos on red cardstock to create an oversized photo mat that crosses the center of the 2-page layout.
  2. Round corners of photo mat.
  3. Cut 3″ strip of each Teresa Collins – Sports Edition – No Pain No Gain Paper (red ruler) and Teresa Collins – Sports Edition – Ty’s Sports Words Paper (red herringbone).
  4. Cut 4″ strip of Teresa Collins – Sports Edition – Zach’s Sports Numbers Paper (numbers, month side ruled).
  5. Alternate 3″ and 4″ strips extending out to sides of oversized red photo mat. Allow approx. 1″ border from edge of page.
  6. Round corners of outside edges of paper strips.
  7. Mat one 4×6 photo on white cardstock to make it the focal point.
  8. Position focal point photo on lower left corner of patterned paper strips, overlapping red photo mat slightly.
  9. Add title to upper left corner of patterned paper strips  with mix of Thickers – Chipboard Letterman – Black and Thickers – Chipboard Letterman – Crimson.
  10. Add ticket stub to lower right hand corner of layout.
  11. Journal along lower edge of red photo mat.

Click Here for printable instructions and to order all the products you’ll need to create this layout.

Happy Scrappin’

Go Big Red Layout by Amy Wheeler

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