Scrapbooking Quotes – How to Choose the Perfect One

By Anuar Malek

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Many people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, dealing with memories can be a very difficult experience. Memories get clouded, and pictures can sometimes be interpreted in a thousand different ways. However, writing down your memories of an event can be quite boring and it takes the thrill of mystery from rediscovering your history.

So what is a good compromise between writing a diary and making a very vague scrapbook? Most people choose to find scrapbooking quotes in order to help them get the initial feel of a memory. Scrapbooking quotes give you the general idea of a memory, but let you fill in the blanks yourself. By making use of scrapbooking quotes, you actually have the advantage of touching hearts. Using the combination of photos, memorabilia, and scrapbooking quotes can prove to be a most effective way of initializing a good reminiscing session.

However, in order to have this effect, you’ll need to choose your Scrapbooking quotes properly. So what qualities should you look for in a scrapbooking quote?

1. Mnemonic quality – a good scrapbooking quote should be easily remembered. It should have that quality that makes it stick to your head. By having this quality, you can be sure of at least one impact of the scrapbooking quote.

You realize, of course, that the best songs often have this quality. Ever wonder why some singers fade away after 2 albums while some old singers still remain popular even decades after their last song was released? You see, the mnemonic quality of a phrase helps people associate it easily with certain things.

2. Relevant – Of course, a scrapbooking quote should be relevant to what you intend to portray. The scrapbooking quote should be able to bring across your message and enable whoever is reading the quote to relate to the object or picture in your scrapbook.

The scrapbooking quote may come off as trivial to the reader. However, the meaning of the scrapbooking quote should not be so vague that the reader has to use all of his or her brainpower to understand it. That is, unless you intend for the scrapbook to take on an air of mystery and clue-finding.

3. Short – A scrapbooking quote should be able to get the message across with very few words. You see, the focus of the scrapbook should remain on the objects or photographs. In choosing a scrapbooking quote, you should make sure that the quote does not take the center stage from the other objects in the scrapbook. However, you should make sure that the quote is just enough to form a bridge of thought between the words and the objects.

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4. Touching – a good scrapbooking quote should not only touch your brain, but it should also move your emotion. You see, scrapbooks trigger memories not for the purpose of giving your brain a workout, but to enrich your soul. Thinking about past events, whether delightful or forlorn, helps you rediscover yourself and what made you the person you are today.

These are just some qualities that you should look for in a scrapbooking quote. Never forget, however, that the most important factor is you. You should decide whether or not a quote is appropriate for your scrapbook. This is the reason why some people choose to write their own quotes instead of borrowing the words of another. A scrapbook is a very personal item, which needs to relate to you.

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