Scrapbooking Page Ideas for Beginners

By Trisha Browning

Finding ideas for your scrapbooking pages can be a huge pain in the butt. You want to create an amazing scrapbook, yet you are stuck and can’t figure out where to begin. Well, you are in luck because in this article I have provided you some scrapbooking ideas to get you started:

1) Color – Usually the first and probably the easiest idea for a scrapbooking page is it’s color. Experiment with different shades of a color instead of just going with your first thought. By trying different shades of a color, you can create variety while sticking with the same basic scrapbooking color idea. Research the various interpretations of colors and use certain colors to create a message that means something special to you.

2) Literature – Think of your favorite piece of literature and base your scrapbook on it. Finding inspiration in books or poems is a really good way to create scrapbooking ideas. Sometimes authors portray their characters and stories so vividly, that you can clearly visualize them in your mind. By placing these images into a scrapbook, you can actually share with people something inspirational to you.

3) Characters – There are plenty of characters in the world that you can get scrapbooking ideas from. When using characters, you basically have two options:

A. Fictional characters – This scrapbooking page idea involves you taking a fictional character, like Superman for example, and using that character as inspiration for your scrapbook. Fictional characters tend to be harder to research on than real, living characters. The reason for this is that different people have varying interpretations of the character. One advantage to this, though, is the fact that you have more freedom in your ideas for a scrapbooking page since it will be based on your interpretation of the character.

B. Non-fiction characters – In this idea for a scrapbooking page, you take your inspiration from a real person. It doesn’t really matter if they are alive or not. However, if they are still alive remember that people change all the time. When you use real people as your scrapbooking inspiration, you usually have a lot of detail about their lives available to you. But you won’t really have the same freedom as when you are using a fictional character.

4) Activities – Try finding ideas for scrapbooking pages from your favorite activities. Most guys tend choose sports and there’s nothing wrong with that but you may want to try being different by thinking outside the box. Base your scrapbook on an interest of yours that not as many people know about. In doing this, you might find more joy in having people guess the connection of the page to the activity.

Other people tend to define us through our visible activities. You can show others your true depth by creating your scrapbook out of your less-visible activities and prove that you are not defined by just a handful of things.

Well there you have it… A few ideas for scrapbooking pages that can help you get started. Try out a few different things as a “rough draft” before you actually use them, this will allow you to see what scrapbooking ideas truly fit your personality.

Trisha Browning has been scrapbooking for years and she has helped hundreds of people get started in this wonderful hobby. She is also the creator of the Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide –

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