High Flyin’ Kicks are what you’ll see when you Watch a Karate Event

Black Belt, Blue Belt, and Brown Belt are just a few of the levels you can achieve when you do Karate. The events are short and sweet when your child comes out on top. Each meet has a list of brackets your child goes through to reach the top. You should create a sheet you can take with you to keep up with your child as he goes a long.

Snap pictures of each match so you can include them in your scrapbook. This type of sport is one that is good for journaling. The reason for this is due to the short amount of time your child is on the mat.

Bring a small notebook and make notes after each match. This will help when you go to create your scrapbook. Whether you create it a little at a time or you sit down and work on it all at once, this process will help.

Take pictures of the other team members and include those as well. If the program you are in keeps track of team statistics, include those in your scrapbook so it will be about the team as well as your child. If it’s possible, take a picture of the entire team and make a cool background for it.

Another option with pictures is to include the crowd. They can get pretty excited about these meets, so catching fun pictures is great. You might be able to come up with fun quotes or stickers about the crowds or fans.

Create your own sheets for each event so you’ll have awesome things to include. Stickers, paper, borders, and laser cuts are just a few of the fun things you can use to make the most unique and fun scrapbook ever.

Happy Scrappin’

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