High flyin’ Darts make for a Perfect Bullseye Scrapbook

Throwing darts is a sport that takes concentration and skill. The dart board has very little room for your dart to go to score the points you want and the distance you have to be makes it even more difficult.

There are steel tip and plastic tip darts, both of which have their own difficulties because of the tip and how they land in the board. While the steel tip is more pointy than a plastic tip, it’s heavier and may be more difficult to throw. Soft tip darts have little holes that the dart must land in, but it’s more difficult to make them stick.

You can throw darts for fun or in a league setting. Both are fun to do and can be included in a scrapbook. Of course it’s easier to create one when you are in a league.

The main reason for this is because you can go week to week and take pictures. You can also include the team record and game scores for each person on the team. You can also include the flights from the darts if you want to not use them again. You might also consider including a tip from the darts. That might be a little difficult, but it will work if you use tape.

You’ll have fun creating a scrapbook with darts, flights, and bullseyes. Take the time to include pictures, scores, and journaling in your special book. Darts are fun to throw and you’ll enjoy making this scrapbook as well.

Happy Scrappin’

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