Band Frame


Scrappin’ Sports – Head On Music Paper

Stamping Station – Band Grunge Sticker

SRM – Say It With Stickers – Marching Band

Unfinished frame



Note – Stickers could be matted in school colors.

  1. Cover the frame with the Scrappin Stuff Head On Music paper (Take care to make sure the notes run from the left hand lower corner to the right hand upper corner).
  2. Adhere the Left, Left, Left Right Left sticker to the upper left hand side of the frame.
  3. Adhere three of the Music Note stickers to the left hand side of the frame (see photo for placement).
  4. Pop dot the Band sticker to the lower right hand side of the frame.
  5. Adhere the We will rock you sticker underneath the band sticker.



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