Scrapbooking for Cousins: Recording Family History

Scrapbooking has set the trend for keeping memories and memorabilia, which obviously came from the past. And the past as we know will always retain its state for there is no other way to have it wheeled back. The things that we did with our time given in the past will always be shelved in our recollections.

And with the latest photographs coming, what would you want to do with them. As you flip through the faces of people who remain close to your heart, families and friends that has revolved around your memories and the relatives and cousins that caused you joy, you can’t fight the urge of smiling. Remembering all the fun you had when you were actually at the moment of doing the memories.

You wouldn’t keep those precious memories in the drawer right?  All you want to do is to have them face you each moment you want to flip through them again. So never put them in the dark.

Our families are the closest people to us. We may sway away from them at times and wish that we were in a different family. But you see, when all things turn away from us, the only people that we can fall back to are our families. They are literally, the persons we can’t get away from.

We Americans are not as family-oriented though as compared with those of the ties that we may see from other cultures. We don’t give as much credit to family extensions and we have ample reasons for that. In many occasions, we may even have lost faith in our families and brought ourselves into destruction and separation. That’s normal for us but this must not be the case. This should never be but its happening.

However, to all things there are exemptions. For some Americans, their foundations on family ties are so solid that they seem to have sprouted from another culture. They’re like Orientals who have grown and lived through life within the boundaries of their family ties.

They have seen grandpa celebrate his 75th year. Or see Uncle Sam wed beautiful Sally. Or has enjoyed the cake that mom baked during Cousin Anne’s debut. These memories of family deserve to be preserved, in any fashion that would enhance them and will help leap you back through ages and experiences.

And what can be more special than making a scrapbook album for them?

Then main aim of scrapbooking your family photos are to preserve tokens of the past with your relatives. Everyone has a story to tell and you would be glad that you took time preserving them all for the next members of the family to see.

Once the faces of your cousins, aunts and uncles and everyone are put in an album, they would no longer be forgotten. When they see your work twenty years from now, no one would have to wonder who the people in the photographs were. This normally is the case and you would not want trying to identify that the man in the suit is Uncle Jim and the baby on Grandma’s lap is Cousin Jenny.

Scrapbooks can be of any theme, it might be a scrapbook dedicated for your cousins or scrapbooks for your best buddies in the family. It may even be the stuff that will tell stories of a specific event involving your clan.

You need not fear the failure on your first attempt or the failure of disappointing the people you would be putting in you album. If this is your first trial then forgive yourself and do well on your consequent attempts. It is best that you do your first scrapbook with the help of a close relative. Or if you can gather a group of relatives then better. That way, you’ll enjoy saving memories while making new sets.
And some day, when your entire family grows old, you will leaf back through the pages of your scrapbooks. And as you do, smiles will be on your face and laughter would fill the air as you remember how you created those memories and how you created the memory keepers.

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