Creating a Sports Scrapbook

I know when we visit our local eye doctor he has several photos of sports teams that he has helped coached. How wonderful it would be if coaches had scrapbooks of the teams they have invested their time into coaching.

Sometimes photos are taken of each child at the beginning of the season. If this is not professionally done, consider having a parent take a photo of each child.

If a parent volunteers to interview both the athletes and their parents, you’ll end up with some wonderful memories of the season to include in the scrapbook.

Take a few photos during practice to include in the scrapbook. Practices are a great time for individual shots of kids as they hit, kick, toss, or throw a ball.

Of course taking photos at the games is a must. Take photos of not only the kids playing, but also the spectators, the parents and the coaches.

Do the kids ever go out for pizza? Have a picnic? Snap some photos of the kids having fun.

Did the kids win any trophies? If so, take photos of the kids holding their trophies.

If any of the games get written up in the local newspaper, clip those out, make copies on acid free paper and include them in the scrapbook.

What a wonderful end of year gift this scrapbook will be for the coach or coaches of your kids’ sports teams.

Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at

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