Creating a Summer Camp Scrapbook

When my daughter goes to camp, she knows I’ll be asking her 100 questions when she comes home. This past summer she was gone for an entire month and I’m certain my questions numbered over 100.

Prior to digital cameras being so popular, I always would buy many disposable cameras so that she was able to capture photos of everything she did and everywhere she went. Even today, in the age of digital photography a disposable underwater camera is a wonderful investment.

We discovered the camp my daughter attended this past summer through her attending a one week program earlier in the year. When she attended the one week program the camp gave the kids their summer camp information. We saved those brochures for the beginning of her camp scrapbook.

As the months progressed, we began getting both postal mail and email from the camp about the summer ahead. We saved all of those communications so they could be copied onto acid free paper.

Each week my daughter was gone, the camp leader sent parents an email update of what the kids had done that week. There were also photos added to the camp website that parents could download. On my end, I was saving all of this for inclusion in the summer camp scrapbook.

Meanwhile my daughter was taking photos of the places she visited and the people she was with. She also kept a small journal so she could answer my countless questions when she returned.

In addition to taking photos of the other kids she was with, my daughter also took photos of the many counselors and other camp staff that supported the program while she was there.

For younger children attending day camp, ask if you can spend a bit of time taking photos. I know one of our local camps has a teen counselor who takes photos daily and uploads them to the camp website so the parents can download them for their personal use.

Camp is a lot of fun for kids. Capture that fun through photos and a camp scrapbook!!

Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at

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