An Athlete’s Prayer

It was right before the big one and the football player said,
“Excuse me guys for just a sec while I go bow my head.”
And in the quiet of that room
The football player prayed,
“Oh God if nothing hear me now
I know that fate is made.”

“So help us Lord to win this game,
It’s the big one, man, you see,
If we lose this game that’s it for us,
Please do this, Lord, for me.”

And as his body knelt in prayer,
He looked up to the sky,
“And while I’m here, and have some time,
I need to ask you why?”

“They say you never help teams wind,
Just do it once I pray,
We will pay you back in kinder deeds
Or in another way,”

“The reason why I can’t help you win,”
The Lord just then replied,
“Is as you’re asking me to win,
So is the other side.”

“I’m everybody’s father and
I must not take one side,
So games are played all on your own
Or they would all be tied.”

“But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray,”
He answered him with care,
“You can pray that players don’t get hurt
And that all the calls are fair,”

And while the player heard this voice,
He bowed his head in prayer,
“I pray for fairness,” said the boy
“And for your tender care.”

“You shall be blessed,” the Lord replied,
“Your team and you the same,
And now will you excuse me boy,
I cannot miss this game.”

Author: Sandy Dow Mapula

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