Bowling is a great Sport to Scrapbook

Bowling is a sport that really goes all year long. Winter leagues usually start in the fall and run until spring and then you have summer leagues. The summer leagues are generally shorter, lasting around seven to nine weeks.

You can create a wonderful scrapbook with the bowling league. If you go with the winter league, you may need a bigger scrapbook than you would if you did the summer league.

Here are some things you can gather throughout the season to put into your scrapbook.

  • League standings each week
  • Score sheets for the team you are on and the one you bowl against
  • Pictures each week
  • Pictures of the party at the end of the season
  • Holiday parties that you may have

When you put your scrapbook together you can create a page or two for each week and add the standing sheet, score sheet, and pictures. If you have parties, you can add the pictures for those and add some stickers or other items that go with the holiday. If you participate in a tournament while you are bowling, you can even include score sheets and pictures from that event.

Bowling… layout – By Tami Sanders (Reminisce Design Team)

Creating a scrapbook for your bowling league can be so much fun. You have fun week to week anyway, but having a book to remind you of your time is even better yet. There are so many options that you have when it comes to making a book like this. Be creative and have fun with it.

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