Going to a Pro Sports Game

If you plan to go see a professional sports game, why not make a scrapbook about your special time there.

Blue Jays Baseball by Kelly Edgerton (EK Success)

Most likely you will take a lot of pictures, but why not gather other items and include those as well. If you have to travel to see the game you can include memories of your trip as well.

Here are some of the things you can include from your day or weekend trip.

• The ticket to the game
• The program from the game
• Pictures of the game itself
• Pictures of you at the game
• The receipt for items you purchase while at the game
• Pictures of the players while they warm up before the game
• The receipt for the hotel you stay at
• Pictures of the hotel and your room
• Pictures taken while you were not at the game
• Pictures or other memorabilia of the stadium

Make sure you gather anything and everything you can find during your time at the stadium. You never know what you will be able to insert into your scrapbook. Even if you think it probably won’t work, do it anyway, because you just never know.

Not only will it be a lot of fun to gather the items for your scrapbook but you will have fun putting it together. You will also enjoy looking through it for years to come. You can show your children and grandchildren among others that want to see it.

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