Lego Robotics, the non-traditional sport

Lego Robotics is a sport that most kids don’t consider participating in. When you hear the name you think of the traditional Lego pieces that you can purchase in the store. This is far from the case in the Lego Robotics program.

The robots are built with parts and pieces and they are run by a computer chip that is inserted into it and it’s controlled by a program that is designed on the computer. It takes a lot of practice to make the robot do what it’s supposed to do.

The league decides what you will do in the competition. You may have to push balls around, pick something up, or make a specific turn. Whatever the design and theme is you will no ahead of time so you can practice and program your robot to do what it needs.

Creating a scrapbook for this non-traditional sport will be a bit of a challenge, but it will be fun and great to look at when it’s complete.

If your coach will allow you to, you can come and take pictures during each practice so you can see the changes in the designs of the robots. You can also take pictures of the players while they are doing the programming and watching them watch their robot do its thing.

Once the competition arrives, you should take pictures of the trophies that each team will receive. Take pictures during each teams chance to show what they can do as well. Most times the people that are putting on the competition will provide a program that you can use in your scrapbook.

Write down the results of each leg of the competition and then the final results as well. Then include the pictures of the awards portion of the competition as well. Make sure to include a picture of your child’s team and if they win a trophy include that as well.

Lego Robotics is a fun thing for kids to do. It’s a lot of practice and work that ends in one competition. Creating a scrapbook for your child will remind them of the outcome that occurs after all the hard work that their team puts in.

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