Snowboarding Competitions

Snowboarding is vastly becoming a very popular winter sport. More and more people are giving it a try and they are starting to compete in events with the snowboard. Some schools are adding it as an event in the ski competitions and the Olympics have snowboard competitions as well.

Creating a scrapbook that is all about snowboarding is a fun way to remember how great of a snowboarder your child or family member is and how they have improved from the beginning to the end of the season.

Include pictures of the board and the snowboarder in their gear. You should also include pictures of the competitions as well. If you have a camera that has a sports option you may be able to catch some great shots that you may not otherwise be able to catch with a regular camera.

When your snowboarder goes out of town for competitions, make sure you either take pictures of things along the way and of the team during the off time and practice. If you can’t go, give them a disposable camera to use. You might want to give them a camera anyway because you might be surprised at the pictures they will come up with.

If the competition offers a program, you should pick up one of those as well. Write down all the scores for each competition and if they keep track of all scores for a tournament at the end you might consider coming up with a bracket picture that shows how they did.

Snowboarding is a fun sport that takes a lot of practice because you don’t have polls to keep you upright. Create memories of this great sport by coming up with a wonderful scrapbook full of all the details and fun times that your snowboarder had along the way and during their season.

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