Cross Country Skiing

Not only is cross country skiing a great way to exercise, but it’s a great way to ski without worrying about running into trees or tumbling down a hill. There are trails all over the world that you can go on.

Some people take there skis when they go on business trips or vacation spots just in case they run across a trail on the way. You never know what you may run across unless you do detailed searches before you go.

Cross country ski scrapbooks are wonderful in many ways. You can enjoy remembering the wonderful time you had while you were there. You can also remind yourself of the beautiful scenery that you came across while you were on the trail.

When you are creating your scrapbook there are a number of things you can include. Here is a small list.

1. Map

Include a map of the area. These can be found at the ski lodge that is near the trail, the chamber of commerce, or recreation center.

2. Detailed map

If you are able to find a detailed map that is small enough to fit in your scrapbook that would be great to include on one of the pages. You might search online for one of these if you can’t find one in the location that you found the large map.

3. Pictures

If it’s possible, take pictures of things that you see along the way. Things like signs, bird houses, views, houses, and anything else that is of interest to you.

4. Trail details

You may be able to find details about the trail such as special people that have been on the trail, history on the trail, and anything else that may be of interest.

Whether you are an avid cross country skier or you are new to the sport, it is great to create a scrapbook of the trails you ski on. You can create one for each trail or create a large book with all the trails. Decide what will work for you and get started.

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Happy Scrappin’

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