Figure Skating

Figure skating is a beautiful thing to watch. The music is elegant, the outfits are beautiful, and the moves are wonderful. There are so many things a figure skater can do with their career. They can compete, teacher, participate in musicals, and so much more.

Creating a scrapbook that contains pictures of her progress is one way to create a beautiful book. She will see how she has grown and improved over the years.

Take pictures each time she has a new outfit to wear, take pictures during each event, and take pictures of the awards ceremony after each event. You will also want to keep copies of the schedule for both practices and events, programs given out at the event, and newspaper clippings if you run across any during the season.

This type of scrapbook is perfect for journaling. You can write out the routine, music that was used, and how well she did throughout the routine. You can also note some of the other routines and songs the other skaters did as well.

Figure skating is a wonderful sport to participate in and it’s awesome to watch. The air those people get and the twists they do are just wonderful. Creating a scrapbook of the season your child has will help you remember this for years to come.

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  1. i love to Figure Skate, and this has been my favorite sport ever since i was a kid…~

  2. i love to see women that is doing some figure skating , they are really beautiful and gracefull.*.’

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