Skiing is in Season

Skiing is in full force and is a great sport to include in a scrapbook. Some places have skiing all year round because of the weather while other places only offer it during the winter months.

Creating a scrapbook that includes all the stages a person goes through as they progress with their skiing is perfect. The best way to do this is to use two or three pages for each year. The standard book comes with ten sheets so you may need to add more pages to the book depending on how many sheets you want to use for each year and how much you want to include.

Take pictures of the gear each year so you see how they have grown and the different taste that they have or needs for each year. Colors change, equipment styles and needs change, so you can show this by taking pictures each year.

Also make sure you take pictures at each competition and take a picture or two of a practice as well. Pictures might be a challenge since they will be outside and moving at a fast pace. A camera that is designed for this may be what you need so your pictures come out clear and you get the pictures you want.

Stickers, quotes, sayings, and brads will work out for this type of scrapbook as well. You’ll be able to include some great 3-D pictures of skis’, poles, and clothing that is required for this type of sport.

Skiing is a great sport that is only available in certain areas based on the weather conditions. If your child loves to ski and participates on a school team, you should really consider creating a scrapbook that shows them how they improve each year. It’s always fun to watch our children grow and improve. That’s why this is the perfect type of scrapbook to make.

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Happy Scrappin’

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