Fishing with Grandpa

The fishing season is over, of course, this is only true if you don’t do ice fishing. Either way, creating a scrapbook of the fishing trip can be so much fun. With this option, you might consider making two, one for your child and one for grandpa.

When you go to the sporting goods store to purchase all the supplies you will need, make sure you keep the receipt and any information that you may be able to collect while you are there. Fishing lures and other items purchased may come with packaging that you can include in your book. Take a picture of the tackle box when it’s all ready to go.

Next you’ll want to take a picture of your child and grandpa when they are getting ready to walk out the door. Take a picture of each separately, then together with all their gear in hand.

When they get to the location take pictures of different spots, the water, and then of each catch they get. Grandpa may be willing to do this if it will be just the two of them going. Also make sure they take a picture of all the fish they catch when they get ready to leave.

After it’s all over and they are back home, taking pictures of the two of them gutting the fish will be fun as well. If it’s your child’s first time doing this expressions will be fun to catch.

Cooking the fish will also be fun, so you can include them as well. Of course, if they are staying overnight, this might be dinner, so they will have to take their own pictures for this.

Fishing trips are fun for children of all ages. When you create scrapbooks of their fun time it will keep those happy thoughts in their minds for years. It will also remind them of the fun they had and why they’ll want to do it again.

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