Ice skating for Competition

Some people ice-skate for fun while others do it as a sport. No matter which you choose you can create a scrapbook full of fun and interesting information. Creating a scrapbook for the person that skates for more than just fun, it can be a learning experience.

There are so many ways you can create the perfect scrapbook so you’ll have to decide what you want to include and how you want to create it. Here are just a few suggestions that you can include in your book.

1. Pictures

Ice skaters have beautiful outfits that they wear. More than likely they will have more than one that they wear. It’s possible the reason for this is because they have different performances that they do. One of the neatest pictures you will have is when you take a picture of them in each outfit, on the ice in an elegant stance.

2. Program

Most times each performance will have a program that you can get. You can include that in the scrapbook as a whole or you can attempt to take it apart and include in the pages. You might consider using two so you can get all pages or if this is not possible include pages that contain the person this book is for.

3. Stickers and quotes

You will find a number of stickers and quotes that you can include in your scrapbook. You can surround your pictures with these types of things. They will brighten up your scrapbook and will make it even more fun.

Ice skating is a beautiful sport and one that will make for an awesome scrapbook. You can include so many things from the heart and so many pictures that you’ll probably have a hard time deciding what to include.

Happy Scrappin’

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