Is your Child Preparing for a Band Concert to Remember?

Clarinet, trumpet, and the French horn are just a few of the instruments that are in the school band. There are so many different instruments that a person can choose from and it’s a hard unless you know from the very beginning as to what you want to play.

All the practice will pay off when the final concert of the year happens and is perfect. Some may practice hours and hours a week while others may practice several times a day. No matter how your child makes it happen when each song is play with perfection, it’s an awesome feeling.

It’s also possible for a child to have other band groups that they participate in each week. Programs like Jazz Band, Marching Band, or All City Band are just a few that make a child feel great. Most of these require trying out or being selected by the conductor.

This time is perfect for any child that is in the band. It’s fun, exciting, and a rush as they are invited to different things, they learn new songs, and perform for others. It’s fun to learn a song that is just a little more difficult than the last one that was learned by the group. Something else that is fun is when your child is selected for a solo.

Creating a scrapbook full of all the band memories is wonderful. It will bring back special memories and it will remind them of all the fun times they had during the year.

You can include sheets of music, pictures of the concerts, and stickers in your scrapbook. Something else to consider is letting your child take a camera to practice or if they take a bus to an out of town performance and let them take the pictures they want. Even if they don’t know you are creating a scrapbook for them, you can still have them take the pictures for themselves.

Participating in the band is a great feeling for a child. It shows a talent that not everyone has or wants to attempt. Your child will love a scrapbook that shows their year in the band.

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