Pool Leagues are Fun for Everyone Involved

Billiards is a sport that anyone can play. They have leagues for it now as well. Creating a scrapbook for someone that is in a league can be fun to create and easy to put together.

If you are creating a scrapbook for a pool league member, you’ll need to gather things throughout the season so you can put it together when the league is over. There are a number of things you can include in your book.

Pictures are perfect for a scrapbook. You can put backgrounds behind them and you can cut them into different shapes to make it fun. Take pictures during the games, before the game, and after the game. These should be date documented so you make sure you put them in the correct order when you’re putting your book together.

Gather statics for each game so you can journal about those. Include special or funny things that happen during each game. You’ll be able to include the journal pieces with the pictures that you take.

If there is a tournament at the end of the season, create a bracket sheet and add to it after each game. Even if your team doesn’t make it to the end, you should complete the sheet anyway. Include this is in your scrapbook so they can see how good they did throughout the tournament.

Pool leagues are entertaining and they are perfect for a scrapbook because of all the information that can be included. Not only can you create one for a league player, but you can also create one for a party that includes billiards or a day at the pool hall.

Happy Scrappin’

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