My Scrappin’ Room/Office

I finally have the Scrap Space/Office I’ve always wanted!  So I thought I would share some pictures with you.  I had this done by California Closets.  I was able to tell them exactly what I wanted (and the exact measurements) and they made me the PERFECT Scrap Room!!!!!!

Here’s a view from the door.  This is mainly my desk area.

Here’s a view of the left side of the desk area.

Here’s more of the left side of the desk area.

Here’s the right side of the desk area.

Now onto the Scrapbook Area of the room….

Another view of the Scrapbook area

Here’s all my adhesives.  They are in a pullout drawer to left of the scrapbook desk.

My pattern paper is in a file drawer right below the adhesives.  First section is my scraps of pattern paper and cardstock, sorted by color.  Second section is all sorted by themes, then the third section is all pattern paper sorted by color.

Here’s my embellishment drawers that are on the right side of my scrap area.

Some closeup pictures of what’s in the drawers.

Brads, Eyelets, etc.  all organized by color.

Ribbons, all in Cropper Hopper Embellishment boxes.


Miscellaneous Embellishments

Here’s a picture of inside the tall cabinet near my scrap area.  The white boxes on the top shelf hold various projects.

All my stickers and miscellaneous are sorted by themes and are in the boxes on the next two shelves.

Miscellaneous tools and other items are in the next two shelf that are pullout drawers.

All my cardstock is on the bottom pullout drawer.

My paints, stickles, etc are all in this pullout spice cabinet.

My punches are stored behind my door.

And any miscellaneous embellishments and other stuff are stored here.

Now that I’m all organized I hope to get some scrapbooking done! LOL

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