Bowling Party Invitation

Is your child having a Birthday Bowling Party?  Here is an idea for the invitations!


Karen Foster – Bowling Collage Paper

Karen Foster – Bowling Lanes Paper

Karen Foster – Strike! Paper

Karen Foster – At the Lanes Stickers




  • Make your card out of the At the Lanes Collage paper.
  • Cut a 2 ½ inch x whatever length your card is out of the Bowling Lanes paper.  Adhere to the bottom of the card.
  • Cut a half circle out of the Strike paper and adhere it to the left hand side of the card.
  • Pop dot the Bowling sticker across the bottom of the card (see photo for placement).
  • Print You’re Invited on your printer.  Mat in the Strike paper and pop dot above the Bowling sticker (see photo for placement).
  • Pop dot the red bowling ball and three bowling pin stickers to the upper left hand corner of the card (see photo for placement).




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