Purple Aces vs. Racers Layout

The new “I’m An Athlete” line by SEI is PERFECT for so many sports layouts. I fell in love with the “b-sides” for most of the line. Even though they had a couple great basketball themed papers, I selected a couple of simple, colorful patterns to document our trip to my husband’s alma mater to see a basketball game.

I also used a sketch by Allison Davis at www.SketchSupport.com for this 2-page layout.

  1. Start with a sheet of Bazzill Smoothies Cardstock – Lemon Bliss for the left hand side of your layout and a sheet of SEI – Point Guard Paper (stripe) for the right hand side. I turned the right side paper so my stripes were horizontal.
  2. Cut a 5×12 section from SEI – I’m an Athlete Score Paper (blocks) and adhere along right hand edge of Lemon Bliss cardstock.
  3. Select basketball border strip and “Team Work” border strip from SEI – I’m an Athlete Borders and adhere against patterned paper edge on Lemon Bliss cardstock.
  4. Cut large star shape out of Bazzill Smoothies Cardstock – Lemon Bliss and adhere in center of right hand page.
  5. Adhere one 4×6 photo and one 4×4 photo on top of block paper on left hand page as shown.
  6. Add additional 4×4 photo as shown in example.
  7. Cut three photos down to 4×4 and adhere stacked on top of each other down left edge of right hand page (partially covering star).
  8. Hand cut star shapes from SEI – Court Paper (stars). (I used almost 30.)
  9. Add stars to layout crossing both pages in a wavy pattern as shown.
  10. Add handstitching across stars.
  11. Add additional stars in upper left hand corner of far left photo and at right edge where 1st and 2nd photos meet on right hand page.
  12. Add title using mix of two different alphas on left hand page.
  13. Add journaling to large star on right hand page.

Happy Scrappin’!
Purple Aces vs. Racers Layout by Amy Wheeler
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