Tennis Racquet Jewelry Display


  1. Using and craft knife cut out two Tennis Racquet shapes out of foam board
  2. Place the window screen over the opening in the racquet
  3. Glue Adorn It – MVP Words Ribbon on the top edges of the racquet
  4. Use a generous amount of glue and cover the foam racquet
  5. Then place the second recquet on top
  6. Using something heavy press the two racquet together, ( I let it dry over night)
  7. Then using your pattern trace out the racquet shape out of the Scrappin’ Sports – The Sport Is… Tennis Paper
  8. Adhere Scrappin’ Sports – The Sport Is… Tennis Paper to top of Racquet
  9. Add two screw hooks in the handle part of the racquet, and tie a bow for the top of the hanging Adorn It – MVP Words Ribbon


Tennis Racquet Jewelry Display (1)










Tennis Racquet Jewelry Display (2)

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