Creating a Scrapbook for Your Highschool Student in Band

I have such fond memories of my daughter spending her high school years in the marching band. I admit to wondering who had more fun, my daughter performing or her mom cheering her on at each performance.

Over the years, we have found quite an assortment of scrapbook papers, stickers and embellishments that were designed with a music theme.

You have the option of creating one scrapbook with all four years worth of photos or four separate scrapbooks, one for each year.

From talking with other parents, I have found most music programs are the same. The kids start out before school ever gets under way with band camp. This is where they begin to learn the music and begin to choreograph their show. You can make a copy of the marching drill on acid free paper and also a copy of the music being used for their show for your scrapbook.

As performances begin, you can snap a few photos of each performance. If your band performs at football games, see if you can snap a photo of the other team, so that you’ll have a reference about which game the performance took place at.

As the competition season begins, again snap a photo of the location of the competition. My daughter is several years post high school and she will still speak of a particular competition naming the location where the competition took place.

Most competitions had programs available. Those can be copied onto acid free paper and put right into the scrapbook.

During award ceremonies, photos of your group accepting an award are a must. This is also a great time to snap some photos of the rest of the group sitting in the stands.

Some scrapbooks require more journaling than other scrapbooks. A band scrapbook does require a bit more journaling as many of the photos are taken from far away, and the kids all look the same in uniform. If you have a small notebook and pen, jot down the names of the kids in the photos you’ve taken.

If the kids and/or families get together for a social event, snap a few photos. It’s fun to see the kids out of uniform also.

If you can, get a few photos of the kids in the band room at school. After all, this is where it all begins.

Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at

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