Use Maps, Phamplets, Tickets, and More in Your Scrapbook Layouts!

A picture might say a 1,000 words, but those words are pretty important on their own! What I am trying to say is, pictures are not the only things that hold a memory or tell the story.

On your vacation trips – look out for things that will make you remember WHERE you were and WHY!!! In my Vacation Album scrapbook I used “road” sticker strips. Looks just like a road and I put a little stretch on each page. This continues on each page and just offers “continuation” from page to page in your album.

I used the map of the area I went. This is especially good for places like National Parks or a specific location. I did a scrapbook layout from California to Texas – and used the map highlighting the trip on Interstate 10 East! That is what I used as the “background” paper! The actual map!! And I made other little markings for things on the way that I want to remember. This way, the map as the “background paper” not only offers the theme of “travel” but also offers memories! It cuts down on cost and thickness of the layout. If you dont have the actual map or it isn’t in usable condition – scan it and print it out! In addition, you can use admission tickets and phamplets that you might get at a destination.

I did a 12×12 , 2 page spread, and has 5 photos of my 2 kids at different ages when we went to Disneyland, so it is entitled “Disneyland Through the Years”. It has admission tickets showing the price of admission and the parking ticket to see how much we had to pay to park! Admission is about $52 to Disneyland this year – in 1999 it was only $36! Remember that?!

This idea would work for any place you might go. The phamplet that they hand out as you walk in makes for the perfect background! The perfect memory holder! I just cut out the map of the park and it shows the whole park with all the rides – and we always look to find our favorites.

Look out for other things that hold memories! You can also collect food receipts from when you buy food items indiginous to the place you are at. Gas receipts, souviner tags, the label from the popcorn box or even a pebble from a walkway! There is so much that you can find that will offer you memories. Don’t just rely on photos. They are great and do their part, but other momentos are just as great.

I have this article with photos to show you how these items are used, if you’d like to see them see my signature line for the link.

If you’d like to see pictures of this layout – click on my URL below.
Scrapbook Layout Ideas

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