Vintage Paper Pleating

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TUESDAY TIP – Vintage Paper Pleating

Hi everyone!  It’s time for “Tuesday Tips” and it is Adriana Bolzon here today, showing you how to make Paper Pleating, in particular “Vintage Paper Pleating”. There are many various ways of creating paper pleating but today I am going to show you how to create my style of Vintage Paper pleating. This a fabulous technique that creates folds and pleats using paper and making them look similar to pleated fabric or lace. I created a card with the paper pleating on the bottom of this card.

Here is my card that I created using this month’s  “Betsy’s Couture” paper collection.

As you can see on the bottom of the card, I created two rows of paper pleating.

Here is a step by step on how to create these pleats.

 TT adriana photo 1Step 1.. Cut several strips of paper, 3cm thick x 30 cm long. Place the strips of paper in a container of cold water for a few seconds.

TT - betsy card- adriana bolzonStep 2 Take the strips out of the water and scrunch them with your hands, gently, as they could break easily.

Step 3 Dry the strips of paper with a heat tool, or you can place them in a microwave, on a paper towel for about 55 seconds.

TT betsy card- adriana bolzon Step 4 Pleat each strip, making valley and mountain folds, as shown.

TT betsy card- adriana bolzonStep 5 Adhere some double sided tape on the back of the pleats, this will secure the pleats in place. Apply some ink to the edges of the pleats

Adriana Bolzon - TT betsy cardNow your pleats are ready for your cards, pages and books.The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting everyone   🙂


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