Nicole Samuels’ Scrap Space

Next up is Nicole Samuels (Blog: Nicole Samuels | Instagram: @nicsamuels | Pinterest: @nsameuls | Twitter: @nicsamuels) sharing her lovely scrap space!

Nicole Samuels


Your favorite time of day to scrap: Definitely morning while the kids are at school. I wish I could stay up late to get things down after the kids go to bed, but I just am not a night owl!

How long do you usually sit down and create? I get distracted after an hour or so and need to take a break to check email, etc. My pages usually take me over an hour, so I rarely finish a complete layout in one sitting (well, standing for me!).

What is your favorite scrapbooking tool? My Silhouette for sure. It has really changed the way I scrap.  Anything is possible with that nifty machine!

How long have you been scrapping? For about 13 years.

Do you have a favorite method of storage? I like to be able to see what I have. But at the same time I don’t like clutter. So, having drawers with small containers of like embellishments is perfect for me. I can open the drawer and see what I have without too much rifling through and then when the drawers are closed everything is tucked away.

Do you ever purge your supplies? If so, how often? I do a purge every year or so. I did a huge purge back when I made my scrap desk and reorganized my supplies. Now I feel like everything needs to fit in the desk or in my Expedit. If it’s overflowing, it’s time to purge!

Is this your dream space or do you have ideas for something else? I really love my space… there’s a gas fireplace to the one end of my desk that is wonderful to work next to in the winter! And I love that it’s central to the action of my family. I wish I had more hidden storage like a closet or something for tucking away larger things that I don’t use often. But I’m pretty happy with how things are right now.


My scrapbooking space currently resides in half of our bonus room/play room. I’ve tried a few different configurations over the years and I think my latest set-up works really well. Our bonus room is fairly long so I use my Expedit bookshelf as a room divider which gives a little separation between my stuff and the kids’ area while still allowing me to be part of the action. 🙂


My Expedit houses all my albums, Project Life cards and paper, as well as some baskets that hold lesser used items and tools. I like to store things by type and/or color. I usually take small embellishments out of their packaging and store them together in small containers inside the drawers of my desk. (You can read about how I refurbished an old dresser to create my scrapping desk on my blog.)


I love my standing height desk because of the storage that’s right at hand and the extra large working space (which is a total disaster and completely covered when I’m in the middle of projects!).


My computer and Silhouette sit on an old dining table just a few feet away, providing additional sitting height work space for when I need to sit.

Thanks for sharing your bright and functional craft space with us Nicole!

Source: American Crafts

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