Titles Week Layout by Nancy

TIP: Stitching adds not only instant texture, but a feel of handmade to your layouts. The pop of color is an added bonus.

​SUPPLIES: Finders Keepers (40343) – Seeker Paper, Finders Keepers (40333) – Die Cut Scout Paper, Finders Keepers (40234) – Today Phrase Foam Sticker, Finders Keepers (340243) – Cardstock and Acetate Shapes, Finders Keepers (340260) – Phrase Date Stamp, Documentary (340207) – Wood Button Shapes, Documentary (340208) – Ticket Roll, Documentary (340312) – Ever Ever Paper.


​Step 1: Gather a large alphabet sticker, piercing tool, embroidery floss in a variety of colors, needle and mat. 


​Step 2: Lightly trace the alphabet sticker onto your background.
Step 3: Use a ruler to draw two horizontal lines about 1/2″ apart. This is the area that will be stitched later on. Extend that pencil line outside of the alphabet borders so you have a guide left behind on the background.
Step 4: Carefully remove the letter sticker. Now you have your stitched area marked off by the horizontal guidelines.
Step 5: Using the piercing tool or needle, punch holes very close together in the marked off center of the letter. Use a backstitch and 4 skeins of floss to fill the area.
​Step 6: Cut the center part out of the letter sticker and place the top and bottom halves surrounding the stitching to finish off the letter.

And this is the final result! The stitching really adds a pop of color, texture and something different to plain alphabet stickers. It’s a beautiful way to kick your titles up a notch!


Source: American Crafts

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