School is Cool treat bags

Surprise your child when they open up their lunch boxes with these adorable little snack packages. They’re sure to love them (and know that you love them too!)

School Rocks!‘ and ‘School is Cool‘ Treat Bags
It seems like the kids just got out of school and already it’s time to think about them going back. Sometimes a little note from Mom or a snack presented in a fun way lets them know that they are loved even if you aren’t there for lunch anymore. I created a couple different school treat bags to give you some ideas. 
With ‘School is Cool’ and ‘School Rocks’, I hope to convey going back to school in a positive way. I used my I-Rock to add some fish bubbles on my School is Cool treat bag. 
The I-Rock is super easy to use to add metallic gems or glam rocks to any project.
Imaginisce : Pattern Papers (Family Fun), i-Rock, metallic gems
American Crafts: Cardstock

Source: Imaginisce

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