Ode to the Offensive Lineman

School begins, football starts and fall is in the air.
The papers cover local teams to tell us how they’ll fare.

Quarterbacks and halfbacks, a running back or two;
safety, ends and kickers, throw in some linemen too.

Every mother smiles to see her young son’s name in print.
“He’s bound to be a starter!” In Dad’s eye there is a glint.

So the first game comes along — my son, he’s on the line.
“Dive right,” “cut block,” “quarterback sneak,” he’s in there every time.

We have the plays, players too, everybody reasons.
This is the year, there’s no doubt, we’ll have a winning season.

The paper lauds the quarterback, his passes are supreme.
The wide receiver, there’s a guy — the fastest that we’ve seen.

Did you see the many yards gained by the running back?
And no one ever will forget the defense on the sack.

The linemen on the defense are listed one by one.
Numbering every tackle in the game they won.

And so on down the list of plays and scores until they’re done.
But — wait a minute! His name’s not there — I cannot find my son!

“Did you do your part?” I ask. “Tell me son, did you play well?”
“I am an offensive linemen — there is no more to tell.”

And so to offensive linemen — this ode to you I write.
Who take your place upon the line and block with all your might.

Who give the quarterback the time to throw the perfect pass,
and make the hole for the running back to leave ‘em in the grass.

You give the kicker what he needs the extra point to score.
You block and fall and push and shove, and come right back for more.

They do not keep the stats on you, your name’s not up in lights.
Without you, well – the quarterback is just a guy in tights!

“I am an offensive lineman — there’s no more to my story.”
To offensive linemen everywhere, honor, laud and glory!

Author: Debbie Christiansen

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