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Gymnastics Frame

Here is a great gift idea for the gymnast in your life. I’m sure they would love to get your favorite photo of them in this beautiful frame. Supplies: Reminisce – Perfect 10 Paper Double Sided Cardstock 12″X12″ 8 ½ x 11 Frame Chipboard Star Pebbles Inc. Blue Dot Paper White Glitter Letters White Glitter Paper Instructions: Cut… Read More »


Be sure to check out the Custom Wordbooks in the store!!   Now you can have your own custom word book or name book.  MOSD’s chipboard Expressions are FUN to use!  Cover with paper, stamp, ink, or paint.    You choose the word that best suits your needs!  Words up to 7 letters work best.   Books measure 5.75″ x 11″ – depending… Read More »

Gymnastics is a Flying Sport to Scrapbook

Tumbling, back flips, and cart wheels are just a few of the acrobatic techniques you’ll see if you were to attend a gymnastics meet. The parallel bars, the horse, and the balance beam are just a few of the pieces of equipment you’ll see these dedicated gymnasts’ use in their routines. There are so many things your favorite… Read More »