Gymnastics is a Flying Sport to Scrapbook

Tumbling, back flips, and cart wheels are just a few of the acrobatic techniques you’ll see if you were to attend a gymnastics meet. The parallel bars, the horse, and the balance beam are just a few of the pieces of equipment you’ll see these dedicated gymnasts’ use in their routines.

There are so many things your favorite gymnast can do while at a meet that you may find it hard to keep up with them. All you can do is the best you can, but if you organize things, you’ll be able to capture everything.

The best thing to do is download your pictures to your computer and look through them after each meet so you know which ones are good and which ones are not. Create a folder for the ones you want to use. This will tell you which events you need to catch photo’s of next time. This will help you to make sure you have pictures of everything for your scrapbook.

If you don’t have brochures or flyers that are handed out during each event, you can create your own using paint or other program on the computer. If your gymnast is working her way to a finals event, creating one of these will show you how she did and what she did to reach the finals.

When you create your scrapbook you can do it in a couple of ways. You can create it all on your own or you can purchase a kit and add your pictures and other memorabilia to it. Whichever way you choose, it will be perfect because you made it.

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  1. Hi,very good blog post. Informations are pretty usefull and saves me many time which I could spend on something else instead of searching 🙂 Thank you

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