Football season is coming to an end, is your team on the Road to the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is fast approaching. Some teams are done with their season for the year while others are still playing. Hoping and dreaming of the Super Bowl and that they will be one of the teams that will be in that huge game.

This is a wonderful time of year for a football lover, especially if your team is still in the running for the game. If your team is done, you may be sad, but you’ll still watch the game and try to pick the winner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work on a scrapbook. Whether the team that your football lover cheers for is on the road to the final game or not you can still create a scrapbook they will enjoy.

Football parties are the perfect time for pictures. Fun times always happen during these parties and there is always a lot of food. Take pictures of the people that come to the party and the food. Go online and do research for the teams that are on the way to the super bowl so you’ll have the information needed.

Once the final game has been announced you can create a brackets sheet that will show all the teams they played and then you can create another sheet that has the games and scores for each game. should have all the information you will need for this.

If you plan on having a super bowl party, take pictures of those as well. If you have it all complete with the exception of the final game sheets, it shouldn’t take you too long to finish it and then give it to your football fan. This will help them get through the off season when there is no football to watch.

Football fans will love a scrapbook that will show the journey the two teams took to get to the final game. Even if it’s not their team, they will still enjoy reading through it and looking at the hard work that you put into it.

Happy Scrappin’

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