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Drama Queen (or King!)

  Are you or your child an inspiring actor or actress?  Do  you have a lot of photos of your child performing?  Of you performing?  Dress rehearsals? Maybe just a lot of photos from your favorite plays?  Whatever your interest or involvement in the drama and theatre arts, here at Scrappin’ Sports Stuff we have a wide selection of… Read More »

Musicals are Fun for High School Kids

Participating in a high school musical is so much fun. Going to rehearsals, pretending to be someone else, and going to cast parties is the best. Not only is it fun for the children, but it’s a wonderful feeling as a parent. Creating a scrapbook to hold these feelings close to your heart is wonderful. Not only will… Read More »

Class Plays are Fun for Everyone

When the fourth quarter of the school year comes a long many music teachers work with the children on a class play. This gives the kids the ability to shine in front of their parents, teachers, and fellow students. For the young children, this is something they love to do and enjoy every minute of it from start… Read More »