Class Plays are Fun for Everyone

When the fourth quarter of the school year comes a long many music teachers work with the children on a class play. This gives the kids the ability to shine in front of their parents, teachers, and fellow students.

For the young children, this is something they love to do and enjoy every minute of it from start to finish. They work so hard on their lines and the music for the play. When the day of the show comes they will probably have butterflies but encouragement is all they need to do a wonderful show.

When you have a child that is in a class play there are so many different things you can include in a scrapbook. If you’re able to volunteer, you can take pictures and make notes while you’re there.

Including fun facts and information about the play they are doing would be fun. If it’s possible you can search for a poster or screen cover of the play. You can include this in the front part of the scrapbook.

During the night of the play, take photos throughout the night. Start out in the classroom before the play, continue on through the play, and end in the classroom after the play. If a program is available, you’ll want to include that as well.

Class plays are perfect for a scrapbook. Your children will love them for years to come. If you have time, you can create one for the teacher as well. They’ll enjoy it as much as you will.

Happy Scrappin’

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5 thoughts on “Class Plays are Fun for Everyone

  1. I think this is a great post. One thing that I find the most helpful is number five. Sometimes when I write, I just let the flow of the words and information come out so much that I loose the purpose. It’s only after editing when I realize what I’ve done. There’s defiantly a lot of great tips here I’m going to try to be more aware of.

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