Conducting Sports Interviews

You don’t need to be an anchor on ESPN to conduct a good sports interview with your own sports star. You can even interview the coaches or other team mates to gather information for your scrapbook page journaling. So grab a mike, head to the sidelines after the game and ask some hard-hitting questions.

Be Informal
There is no need to conduct a formal interview. Just ask a few questions on the ride home or after the game. A van full of sweaty players will give you all the information you need for your journaling.

Record It
Ask your questions without an end destination in mind. You might be surprised by your player’s answers. Quote him verbatim on the scrapbook page if he mentions a goal, a challenge or gives kudos to another team player. There are several easy ways to record your sports interview on the page including quote blocks, cut outs, tags and folders.

Use More Than One Source
Give a well rounded picture of the team dynamic by interviewing more than just your child. Ask questions from her team mates, coaches and other parents. If your child had a stellar game and many people congratulated her specifically on some key plays, include their comments in your journaling.

Questions to Ask:

  • Why do you think your team won (or lost) this game?
  • Who was the most valuable player (MVP) this game?
  • How does this game rank with the rest of the season?
  • What was your strategy this game?
  • What areas of improvement will you address next?
  • What will you remember most about this game?
  • What would you like to forget about this game?

As you gather information for your scrapbook pages, your child learns to examine the outcome of both wins and losses. And some skills in being interviewed.


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