Olympic Fever

You don’t have to attend the Olympics to scrapbook this popular event. If you and your family enjoy watching professional sports, you know the excitement of the game—even if you aren’t in it—can be contagious. The Olympics provides all the athleticism and competition as professional sport as well as patriotism and a fun family activity.

If you want to scrapbook your family’s Olympic fever consider the following:

Must Have Photos
In order to scrapbook, you need photos (most of the time.) For your Olympic pages, you can take one of three approaches.

  1. Take photos of your family’s Olympics party, your family cheering on the television or close-ups of sporting goods.
  2. Use royalty photos or creative commons photos on your pages. You can find these on Flickr or at istockphotos.
  3. Scrapbook a “photo-free” scrapbook page.

The Reason for the Sports Season
Create meaningful journaling on your Olympic pages by explaining why you love certain sports or sports stars. List your favorite stars or events. What events did you circle in your TV Guide? What sports star do you want on your cereal box?

Where Were You When…
Immortalize your Olympic memories by documenting where you were when…US won the gold or your favorite star scored a perfect ten.

Top Ten List
List your favorite Olympic moments in a clever top ten list or as a best Olympic moment journaling block.

Olympic scrapbook supplies are not only for people who can attend the 2008 Beijing Games. Document your favorite Olympic memories for your own scrapbook.

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