Your Family Sledding Trip to the Mountain is great for Scrapbooking

Kids love to go sledding in the winter. It’s so much fun and its great exercise. Creating a scrapbook of your adventure is something that your children will just love it.

Taking pictures of your trip will help you bring back memories. Take pictures of the kids in their snow suites, the sleds, and then while they are sledding down the hills. Since there are only so many pictures you can take and this trip is probably a one day trip only, you may want to do some journaling for this scrapbook.

Journaling is a great way to bring back all the fun things that happened during your outing. Journal about the funny things that happened and the excitement that the kids had during the trip there and the trip back will help you fill out your scrapbook. You can also journal about some of the things that went on with the other people that were there at the same time as you. You can also journal about the weather and how cold the snow was when you fell going down the hill.

Something else that you may consider in this type of scrapbook is allowing your children journal about what happened. You can write out what they say or you can allow them to write it themselves. If you write it for them, you can do it a couple of different ways. You can write it as they say it or they can write it on another piece of paper and then you write it from there.

Sledding trips are always so much fun. They are full of laughter and good times. So grab the hot chocolate, snap some pictures, and have fun with your family.

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