Dance Like No One is Watching!

The thing about dancing is it can be done anywhere and at anytime. There are dance classes you can take or you can possibly dance for your high school. This is a sport that is general for both male and females, so a scrapbook for this sport can be for either or both.

When you attend dance classes, most times you will have a recital after a few months of training. You might also attend competitions that your instructor can find close.

If your child or someone you know is apart of the dance team at their school, this can be a fun and exciting time. They perform at school functions, at games, and they may do competitions at other schools and possibly in other states.

No matter which route your child goes, creating a scrapbook can be wonderful. There are so many techniques you can use and so many things you can include to make it wonderful.

Stickers, embellishments, and paper are just a few of the things you can use along with your pictures. Create a list of the songs used in the performance. Include the choreographer of each song and take note of special sections where your child may have a solo dance or they do something special.

Take as many pictures as you can because you never know what you may run across. Include pictures of the other teams as well. Pictures of the team while they are warming up or talking with the coach before the performance are perfect to include.

There are so many styles of dance and so many options a child has to perform. Creating a scrapbook can be fun and a great way to show them how they grow and learn along the way. You can use brads, layered cuts, and journal cards in your scrapbook to make it truly yours and unlike any you’ll ever see.

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