Air hockey is fun for everyone

Air hockey is a game of luck more than anything. It involves speed, hand eye coordination, and patients. Most times kids are the ones that play air hockey, but that’s not to say adults don’t play it as well. You can have a lot of laughs with this type of game.

If you have an air hockey table in your home, you can set up tournaments on family game night. These will be fun to do for the entire family and because it doesn’t require any special training, everyone will have a good time.

Setting up an air hockey tournament for family game night is easy to do. You’ll need either a legal size piece of blank paper or a white board to keep track of the brackets. You’ll also need a sheet of paper for the scores and people playing in each game.

Take plenty of pictures during each game. You can include them in the scrapbook using fun background paper and fun cuts. Be creative when you take pictures so your family will have fun.

Air hockey is a very fun game for people of all ages. Creating a scrapbook of all the games will bring back fond memories every time you look through it. When you have a family night to create it, you’ll have even more fun.

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Happy Scrappin’

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