On Target for Rifle Merit Badge Layout

When I found the EZ Laser Design “On Target” title in the shop, I knew it would work perfectly with my son’s photos from a recent Scout weekend. The color scheme for Simple Stories’ “Awesome” line went well with the camo pattern on the title, too!


  1. Start with two sheets of brown cardstock for your base.
  2. Next, build your page from the inside out…On the left-hand page, add 11-1/2″x4-1/2″ section of Simple Stories – Awesome – Totally Cool Paper (green side).
  3. Add three 3-1/2″x4″ photos evenly spaced on top of green pattern.
  4. To the left of the green pattern, add 11″x1/2″ strip of Simple Stories – Awesome – Totally Cool Paper (stripe).
  5. Next, add 10″x6-1/4″ section of Simple Stories – Awesome – Dots/Grid Paper (grid) as shown.
  6. Top top and bottom of grid paper with strips of woodgrain washi tape or other 1/2″ strip of paper.
  7. Inside grid, add title using combination of EZ Laser Designs – On Target 3D Title, small green alphas from Simple Stories – Awesome – 12″x12″ Expression Stickers, brown corrugated alphas, and brown alpha stickers.
  8. On right-hand page…Adhere 11-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ section of Simple Stories – Awesome – Totally Cool Paperagainst center edge of layout.
  9. Next, add 11″X2″ strip of Simple Stories – Awesome – Totally Cool Paper.
  10. Finally, add 10″x3″ strip of Simple Stories – Awesome – Dots/Grid Paper. Add washi tape or patterned paper to grid paper as you did on left page.
  11. Add three 3-1/2″ x 6 and 2-1/2″x4″ pics as shown.
  12. To finish your page, add three brads from American Crafts – Campy Trails – Large Brads along lower edge of grid paper on right-hand page.
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