Go Thoroughbreds Layout


  1. Start with sheet of white cardstock for your base.
  2. Trim sheet of Echo Park – Grand Slam Baseball Paper  (baseball) down to 11×11 square and adhere to base.
  3. Cut 8×12 section of Echo Park – Grand Slam Baseball Paper (blue stripe) and adhere as shown. *I punched one edge with a border punch.
  4. Adhere three 4×5 photos on top of blue stripe paper as shown.
  5. Add 1/2″ strip of Echo Park – Grand Slam Diamond Paper  (stitching) to left of photos.
  6. Cut “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” section from Echo Park – Grand Slam Journaling, mat on red cardstock and adhere as shown between 2nd and 3rd photos.
  7. Cut a 3-banner section from banner sticker on Echo Park – Grand Slam Stickers and add to upper left corner.
  8. Place baseball player sticker from Echo Park – Grand Slam Stickers  in lower left corner.
  9. Add title as shown and journal to complete the layout.

Scrappin’ Stuff Supplies:

Other supplies:

  • White cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • border punch
  • red alphabet stickers
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