Scrapbooking Professional Photos

Are you at the end of the season and have found the only good photos you have are the team and individual photos taken by a professional? With their overly large size, vivid colors and posed shots, it can be hard to scrapbook these professional photos.Even if you have other nice candid and action shots, it can still be hard to mesh your personal photos with professional taken photos.

We are here to help!

Go it alone
Give it the professional photo(s) a page of its own. Create a spread of just the team photo and professionally taken individual photo. This will allow you to include a roster list, the coach(es) names and even the team logo.

Shrink it
Scan and reprint the professionally taken photos to a more manageable size. (You can keep the original photos in a memory box or display in a frame.) The smaller, reprinted size allows the scrapbook page to flow without emphasis on the professional photo.

Cut it out
Some professional packages collage a variety of photos on a single sheet. Or perhaps the individual photo is printed alongside the team photo. Don’t be afraid to scan and reprint the original photo and then crop it to suit your needs.

Tell a Story
Use the professional photo as a focal point on your scrapbook page. Allow your candid and action shots to compliment the photo(s) by showing your player in action.

Here’s a sketch idea highlighting the Team Photo

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