Scrapbooking Fairs and Festivals

Summertime means fair and festival time. County and state fairs and local festivals fill several weeks on the summer calendar. From renaissance festivals to the local 4-H fair, there are plenty of photo opportunities and memories to preserve.

Presenting at the Fair

If you are 4-H participant or a proud parent, you are guaranteed to have great fair photos—especially of projects, judging and blue ribbons.

If you are showing farm animals, you will want to take photos of the animals from birth until showing. Journal the details of what you learned as you cared for your show pet and how its growth progressed.

If you are entering a project, you can make the same documentation. For example, show sketches of the cake you planned along with a photo of the final decorated cake.

Besides animal themed scrapbook papers, there are 4-H scrapbook papers and embellishments as well.

A Day at the Fair

You don’t have to exhibit at the fair to make a load of memories. Fair and festivals are opportunities to eat fried foods, play challenging games and take thrilling rides. Try your hand at the bottle toss and take a photo of you and your overstuffed prize. Ride the Ferris wheel and take photographs of the fair from up above.

Paper House Productions – Carnival Collage Paper

Remember to include ticket stubs, hand drawn caricatures and fair maps in your fair scrapbook pages. Since the photos are likely to be vibrant and busy, choose simpler  paper and embellishments so the eye can focus on photos.

Special Events

Many fairs and festivals have extra events such as concerts, tractor or truck pulls, rodeos, jausts, shows and contests. Often these special fair events will need their own scrapbook page.

Be creative in your photos of special events. Concert photos and fast action shots, such as truck pulls or rodeos, are hard to capture. Settle instead for still shots, before or after the event. A photo of your girlfriends before the concert is a fonder memory than a blurry, far off shot of the stage.

Whether you spend a day or a week at the fair, you will have a lifetime of memories to preserve in your fair scrapbook pages.

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